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Goldsmiths Selling by Auction Guide

It is easy to enter goods for sale with us.
Items to be entered into auction should be delivered between 9am and 1.30pm , Monday to Wednesday in auction weeks and Monday to Thursday in non auction weeks.
Goods can be delivered at other times by prior arrangement.
If required the Auctioneer can arrange to visit you to view items you may wish to sell to advise how best to proceed.
The Auctioneer will be happy to offer estimates of sale if required.
It is always best to ring to ensure we have space to accept your items. If not we can suggest when items can be delivered.

  • Please phone beforehand to ensure we have space.
  • General Sale Commission is charged at 24% including VAT
  • Antique Auction Commission is charged at 18% including VAT
  • Transport (if required) is charged at £72 per hour including VAT
  • Electrical testing is charged at £3 per item
  • We do not charge a lotting fee per item entered (only sale commission)
  • A Disposal Fee is charged for uncollected unsold lots which have to be skipped

Please also see our full Auction Conditions page:


Please call 01832 272349 to discuss your requirements or for further information